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Taylor’s Tacos is Chicago’s First Black-Owned, Woman-Owned, Queer-Owned Taco Shop

One of Taylor Mason’s favorite things about living in Southern California was the availability and ubiquity of delicious street food. At almost any time of the day or night, she could pull over and grab a bite of something good. That, along with the sunny weather, was one of the things she missed most after moving back to her hometown of Chicago. She did find a little taco stand in the city, but Taylor couldn’t get her fix whenever she wanted because their hours were all over the place.

“I love these tacos, but every time I come over here, they’re never here. And I’m like, ‘I think I can make them, and I think I can make them better — kind of put my spin on it,’” Taylor said in an interview with Black Restaurant Week. “And that’s how Taylor’s Tacos was born.”

She now owns and operates Taylor’s Tacos — which serves creative, street-style tacos — alongside her wife, Maya Mason.

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