a well balanced diet is a taco in each hand! 

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taylor's TACOS announcements:

Upcoming Pop-Ups:

Saturday, August 28
Blackhawks Foundation
United Center
12pm - 2pm 

Do Yourself a

F L A V O R !!!!!!

12 taco Tray
for $40 !!!!!  

Taylor's Tacos is opening A brick and mortar taco shop expected late summer 2021! 

Check out the amazing article by black restaurant week! 

taylor's tacos is a pop-up catering company

that specializes in authentic street-style tacos

with a whole lot of soul!

taylor's tacos at 

Dock's fish everyday

321 East 35th street

Chicago, il 

You don't have to worry about missing a Taylor's Tacos pop-up because you can get a selection of Taylor's Tacos at Dock's FISH every day! 

Dock's TACO Menu 

- extra - juicy CHICKEN

- sexy, crispy SHRIMP
- awesome AF ASPARAGUS (seasonal) 

- Dock's delicious FISH 

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Taylor's TACOS named best

tacos in Chicago by Tribune!


Feed the soul :
Grant Recepient

Feed the Soul Foundation's 2021 Restaurant Business Development Fund program awareded $10,000 grants and six months of business development consulting from industry experts to 25 marginalized culinary businesses. The experience is led by restaurant business consultants from across the United States. Almost 500 businesses applied, and Taylor's Tacos was selected as the only restaurant from the midwest region! 


Taylor's TACOS featured in Thrive Magazine | Surviving the Pandemic! 


Artist Paige Taylor created a short film documentary about the evolution of Taylor's Tacos! Check it out! 

Black Restaurant Week featured an amazing article on Taylor's Tacos by Genet Lakew
Read the full article by clicking on the link below: 
Taylor's Tacos x Black Restaurant Week



Taylor's Tacos Mission

Taylor's Tacos curates intercultural experiences through interaction, connection, and quali-TAY ingredients!