T A Y L O R E D 

T A Y L O R E D is a commercial event space owned and operated by  @taylorstacoschicago!


 The doors are officially opened and ready for you to create dynamic experiences through interaction, connection, and qualiTAY ingredients.


It is open to the public every Thursday from 5pm - 9pm for a Taylor's Tacos pop-up. You can also create your own ambiance by booking the space privately. Either way, Taylor's Tacos is available to cater for you! 


When you walk through the doors at T A Y L O R E D, you can't help but feel remnants of the southern California sun right in The Heart of Chicago. Take a step inside and feel the warmth, the intention, and the love. On behalf of the Taylor's Taco team, we look forward to giving you the

T A Y L O R E D experience.