our story

Taylor Mason was months away from graduating from Pepperdine University when her mother had back to back brain aneurysms.
She decided to forgo her fantasy life of being Oprah and Ellen’s love child and return to her hometown of Chicago, IL.
She worked as the Director of Operations of her dad's youth traveling sports program while she assisted with her mom's recovery.
When Taylor wasn’t working, she was either curating performance art shows or dreaming of the street style tacos back in LA.
She started perfecting some self-made recipes and tested them out on the hungry artists of her shows.
Word traveled quickly about the delicious tacos and lines were out the door!
Once her mother was nursed back to great health, it only seemed right for Taylor to launch Taylor’s Tacos
It began as a premiere live--service taco stop, but it has since blossomed into a premiere pop-up catering company that specializes in authentic street tacos with a whole lot of soul! 
In 2016, Taylor met her now-wife, Maya Mason.
Maya's immense food knowledge and hospitality experience was a catalyst to their success.
Taylor's Tacos has over 20 different taco options, permanent pop-up locations throughout Chicago, multiple catering packages, and a Taco Tuesday pick-up and delivery service.
Taylor's Tacos is working on getting its own retail catering events space in the future!