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check out our catering options

For smaller gatherings 2 - 48 guests
(unstaffed, self serve buffet, build-your-own style, individual packaging available)
Trays of premade tacos- great for family style events.
See our many options below!
For group events 15 - 99.  Great for guests who want the live service option!
(staffed or unstaffed, build-your-own style)
Premade lunch & dinner combos- great for catered lunches & meals
Lunch & Dinner Menu PDF

Taylor's Tacos come with secret salsa, cilantro, Cotija cheese, lime, hot sauce, and Maya's SLAW*!

Signature Tacos  
Specialty Tacos
Vegan Taco Options

Seasoned Beans

Garlic Cilantro-Lime Rice

Our most popular option for smaller events (2-48 guests)- make-your-own tacos, served buffet style.

Taylor’s Tacos Kickback tacos come deconstructed with secret salsa, cilantro, cotija cheese, lime, hot sauce, and Maya’s purple slaw*.

All catering packages include a 20% service fee which includes tax, delivery option, labels, packaging, service utensils, metal chafing racks* and sterno heaters*. This package does not include catering set-up.

Includes at least 3 tacos per person.

Each taco option OR side is one pick
Pick 1 - $9/pp

Pick 2 - $10/pp
Pick 3 - $12/pp

Pick 4 - $14/pp
Pick 5 - $16/pp

Additional Picks - +$1.50/pp

Served individually* or half pan
garlic cilantro-lime RICE     |     seasoned BEANS     |     elot-tay CORN     |     pico fresca SALAD
southwest soul SALAD     |     GUAC + CHIPS     |     PICO+CHIPS