eat with us on Taco Tuesday! 

taylor's tacos at 

Dock's fish everyday

321 East 35th street

Chicago, il 

You don't have to worry about missing a Taylor's Tacos pop-up because you can get a selection of Taylor's Tacos at Dock's FISH every day! 

Dock's TACO Menu 

- extra - juicy CHICKEN

- sexy, crispy SHRIMP
- awesome AF ASPARAGUS (seasonal) 

- Dock's delicious FISH 

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taylor's tacos is a pop-up catering company

that specializes in authentic street-style tacos

with a whole lot of soul!

A well-balanced meal

is a taco in each hand!

Every Tuesday, it's time to par-TAY!
On TACO TUESDAYS you can order delivery from
Taylor's Tacos pop-up kitchen straight to your home!

discover awardEE:


Discover Card partnered with @blackpeopleeats and the singer Ciara to donate 5 million dollars to black owned businesses across the nation. People nominated our businesses by tagging photos of us with the hashtag #EatItForward. We were awarded and featured on CNN Business!


Pop-Up Location Schedule

Dock's Fish
Dock's Fish
Dock's Fish
The Hatchery
Dock's Fish
Persona Lounge
Dock's Fish
Persona Lounge
Dock's Fish
Persona Lounge
Dock's Fish
Persona Lounge

Past Events
We’re ready to par-TAY with you as soon as events can start back up- in the meantime, check out some of our past events and keep an eye on our calendar for when things start sweet, poppin' POTATO again!

Taylor's Tacos Mission

Taylor's Tacos curates universal and intercultural experiences through interaction, connection, and quali-TAY ingredients!